Sampler Quilt

A Sampler Quilt is exactly what the title implies it is. It’s a quilt that is made up of different quilt blocks in the same colors.

We have made several of these quilts. One of these quilts is named “Blessed and Beloved”, and was made with quilt blocks that have a religious theme to them.

sampler1 sampler2

sampler3 sampler4

Log Cabin

The Log Cabin quilt is a very traditional quilt that was made of dark colors on one side of the block and light colors on the other side. The traditional way was to have a red block in the center that represented the fireplace or a yellow block that represented a candle. However today it can be made anyway you wish.

The sample on the right is blue on one side and pink on the other. The material of the center block was made out of the bridesmaids dress that was worn of the wedding of the person who commissioned the quilt.  It makes a nice way to have a piece of history to keep forever.

logcabin1 logcabin2

Trip Around the World

This quilt is done in six different colors that form a diamond shape.  We have made this quilt in a variety of styles. Ranging from very calm colors to bright colors and patterned materials that made it very playful.

Below are examples of how the six colors can be chosen. You can pick one color and use six different fabrics in that color or shades of that color. You can pick a fabric that has the same pattern in different colors as in the poke-a-dot quilt.

 trip1 trip2

Nine Patch

The Nine Patch quilt is an old pattern that was probably one of the first quilt patterns little girls were taught when learning to quilt. It’s usually made with two colors however that is just the start to what can be designed with this quilt.

We like to use a pattern fabric as the main fabric and then choose a contrasting color to go with it. Another way to make it is with a verity of colors as shown in the Amish version of the Nine Patch. The striking version shown here on the left is called Atlanta Commons. Just by changing the line of the quilt from horizontal to vertical changes the look greatly.

 9patch1 9patch2 9patch3

Double Irish Chain

If you want to add a splash of color to a room this is a great quilt for the job. We like to use a flowered pattern in the large spaces and a dark and light color from the flowered material for the chain.

To order this quilt we suggest you pick the colors you want in the chain portion first.  The patterned material can be found to match those colors.

 doubleIrish2 doubleIrish3


This is a traditional quilt that is in a round pattern that mimic’s the design of the flower its named after. Four colors are used to make the quilt, three for the flower and one for the background. The different combinations of colors can make this a wonderful addition to any room.


Heart Quilt

This quilt is made using both a log cabin block and part applique block. The bottom part of the heart is half of a log cabin block and the top curved part of the heart is applique.  We use fabrics that are made to match like the ones used in this quilt.


Block Quilt

Block quilts are made using one quilt block pattern throughout the entire quilt. Each one is interesting in it’s own way. So think of all the possibilities.

oldmaidspuzzle-block battonrouge-block pussincorner-block