Ahhh.. what can we say?  We all love the babies!  But the truth is, babies are messy!!!   Besides being beautiful, our quilts are machine stitched for strength so they can be washed in your machine. This versatility makes it a great gift. It’s not just another blanket from the store – it is an heirloom that mothers will treasure for years!

We have several lines of baby quilts, and would be happy to share them with you. Many of our customers call us whenever they need a quilt for a baby gift.  We would be happy to serve you as well.

Frog Quilts

These quilts are our top sellers. The cute little frogs with the big eyes capture your imagination, and for some reason babies and young children are facinated with eyes.  As always you may choose your own background color. Check out these samples!


Minature Masterpieces

These baby quilts are made using traditonal quilt blocks described on the other pages.  They are smaller, but you will recognize the patterns and treasure them!


Clothesline Quilts

This series features adorable baby clothes stitched into the quilt. Many of our customers like to  have them created using thier own newborn clothes – but we have some that are already created with adorable clothes for the rest of us!

 redcarbaby puppyshirtbaby baseballbaby